Product Overview

'JAY' Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor adds efficiency, increases productivity and safety to any material handling lift application. There are two models in VRC i.e chain driven and hydraulic, these VRCs can handle repeated loads from 50 Kgs to more than 3000Kgs. We have a wide variety of vertical lifts, which is customize based on each product and applications and as per customers specific requirements.

VRC are the most efficient and safe way to transport heavy loads between two or more levels. These vertical reciprocating conveyors can easily handle heavy loads, and are ideal for high-speed, high-cycle and can be synchronised with automated conveyor loading/unloading systems. MVRC, MVRC-A, HVRC & HVRC-A are an efficient way to handle loads of multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts or heavy machinery. We can build a VRC with any platform size. This new generation Automated Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) is the premium product in its segment.


VRC-10 / VRC-20 M1

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor - Automated are made with high quality steels & branded electricals, the complete systems is designed with all safety requirements. These lifts are available in with the lift height upto 30mtrs. And load capacities upto 3000kgs.

Load Capacity 1000 | 2000 | 3000 Kgs
Max Lift Height 30000mm
Type Chain driven / Hydraulic
Power AC 3 Phase
Speed 4-18 mtrs/min
Control PLC
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Providing maximum safety and performace.

  • Heavy duty structure
  • Excellent smooth operation
  • Customize design
  • Safety system integrated
  • Branded drives & switchgears

Heavy duty structure

Control Panel with flash buzzer, Push Buttons, emergency stop, & key Switch

Excellent operating box

Customized platforms

Options and Accessories

Motorised Roller Conveyors

Motorised Belt Conveyors

Robotic Loading/Unloading systems

Closed structures

Wire mesh partitions