Product Overview

"JAY" Manual Roll Lifters are compact in design and are hand operated where lifting is effected by hydraulic hand pump. Manual Roll Lifters are ideal equipment for lifting & shifting paper or film rolls etc. for variety of industries where material in roll forms are handled. They lift the object with most delicately and transport these items. "JAY" provides Manual Roll Lifters upto 1000 kgs with lift height of 1600mm. "The fork, mast and carriage made from high quality steel profile provides durability and sturdiness of the lifter. The inner mast forks and carriage assembly are fitted with sealed ball bearing rollers and side thrust rollers to prevent lateral play.


RL-10 M3

Manual Roll Lifter are hand operated version were lifting is effected by hydraulic hand pump & movement is with pull/push operation.

Load Capacity 1000 kgs
Max Lift Height 1600 mm
Power Manual
Load Centre 700mm
Overall Width 700mm
Wheels Nylon | Polyurethane


    Compact and strong chassis to provide maximum output.

  • Long tiller for effortless operations
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Quick lifting pump
  • Parking brakes for safety in ideal condition

Ergonomic handle/ Clear view

Long tiller for effortless operations

Parking Brake

Foot guard for operator safety

Options and Accessories

Load back rest