Product Overview

“JAY” Electric Scissor Aerial Working Platform series which provides function of automatic guidance, vertical raise and down as well as platform extension, is capable for both indoor and outdoor surroundings. The vehicle is widely used for higher heights maintenance work in airports, factories and warehouses. User could operate the vehicle to walk, raise and down directly when standing on the platform, so the vehicle can achieve continuous aerial work by a single person. The rotated electrical box in both sides of chassis can approach the equipment very easy, which makes the maintenance at handy. Flexible operation in narrow elevator and passageway can be achieved by front wheel drive system and short turning radius. The lifting platform and chassis have installed operational system and emergency stop button respectively, and the emergency lowering system on the chassis ensures the safety of the user to a great extent.


ESWP-03 M1

Ensuring greater productivity and performance the height of the scissors can be adapted to suit the needs on the site. The platform as well the scissors have been designed with such precision and planning that they can work in the most confined spaces with utmost ease.

Load Capacity 300 Kgs
Max. Lift Height 12000mm
Scissors Multiple
Power Battery Operated
Operation Push button
MOC Mild Steel
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Strong and stable equipment for working at heights

  • Proportional controls
  • Emergency switch
  • Anti Skid Platform
  • Beacons & hooters / buzzers
  • Overload systems

Non-Marking tyres

Joystick attachment points

Full height entry gate

Cage system with doors & interlocking