Product Overview

Electric Dock Leveller from ‘JAY’ are also widely used for loading/unloading of material from trucks/containers. This equipment becomes the bridge between the vehicle and the floor. This equipment are designed to flush with floor level when installed in pit.

This range of EDL-60 is also available in with flameproof electricals, different platform sizes, and load capacities. There are many other compactible accessories available for use with this equipment in variety of applications. This range of equipment from JAY are very useful across all segments of industries.


EDL-60 M2

Electric Dock Leveller are manufactured with prime quality steels and high performance powerpack. The electrical operated hydraulic system moves the platform to higher height and then automatically extends the lip and rest on the vehicle bed to safely load and unload the material. The dock leveller is also has a mechanical safety stand for easy maintenance of the equipment. This dock levellers are available with many other compactible optional accessories like remote control operation, rubber bumper, fingerprint access control etc. EDL-60 model are available from the lift ht. of 600 or 300 mm & lowered ht. of 300 or 250mm with load capacities upto to 25000kgs.

Load Capacity 6000 Kgs. (Static)
Max Height 300mm / 600mm
Max-Lowered Height 250mm / 300mm
Power AC 3 Phase
Operation Single Push button | Wireless remote
MOC Mild Steel | Stainless Steel
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heavy duty and strudy equipment to give maximum output.

  • Heavy duty structure
  • Anti-skid chequered plate for safety
  • Excellent smooth operation
  • Safety buzzer alarm.
  • Safety overload protection
  • Safety stand for maintenance

Heavy duty structure

Control Panel with flash buzzer, Push Buttons, emergency stop, & key Switch

Machanical stopper for easy maintenance

Heavy duty lip in three parts for easy operations

Options and Accessories

Floor Railings

Wireless remote

Rubber Bumpers

Fingerprint access control