Product Overview

'Ezi’ Electric Counter Balance Stacker from ‘JAY’ are easy to manoeuvrable and are equipped with a unique feature which enables to use the equipment in stand-on cum walkie equipment, these are electric controlled trucks from the ‘Ezi’ series which are used where standard stackers with legs cannot work. Loads can be raised and lowered smoothly, and the AC drive motor ensures the best maintenance free performance and efficiency. The electronically controlled, powerful lift motor ensures smooth and quiet lifting or lowering of the load at the touch of a button: From smooth & rapid lifting and lowering or precisely handling the loads in racking – the operator has everything under control at all times.

The support wheels are installed for increasing the stability during manoeuvring. A safe distance between truck and operator is ensured by the perfectly mounted tiller heads. This is particularly beneficial when cornering.

Our 24V AC motors offer high efficiency levels, thus the ECB-15 offers very cost-effective throughput/transport of goods over longer distances. With its quick and easy lateral battery change are a standard feature offered in these trucks, this truck is an efficient companion, even during multi-shift operations. Additionally, the extremely long living lead-acid batteries sustainably reduce operating costs. This range of ECB-15 is also available with customisation as per applications requirements. There are many other compactible accessories available for use with this equipment in variety of applications. This new generation ‘Ezi’ series Electric Counter Balance Stacker is thus the premium product in its segment.


ECB-15 M1

Electric Counter Balance Stacker are equipped with In-built battery charger for easy charging anywhere anytime. Also the ECB-15 model can achieve the maximum travel speed of 5 km/h in stand on mode and 2kms in walkie mode.

Load Capacity 1500 kgs
Max Lift Height 4500 mm
Load Centre 600mm
Fork length 1150mm
Fork Width 560mm
Overall Width 840mm
Power 24V / 240-330Ah
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Compact yet powerful equipment with maximum productivity.

  • No carbon brushes
  • Maintenance free – AC Drive Motor
  • Foldable stand-on platform
  • Multimode driving option, stand-on & walkie
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • In-built battery charger

Hassel Free Battery Charging (Plug & Play)

Ergonomically Designed Handle With All Finger Tips Control

Easy Battery Maintenance

Emergency Stop Switch

Options and Accessories

Boom attachment

Battery changing stand

Side support arms

Detachable platform

Load back rest

Roll lifting

Roller table

Drum Lifting/Tilting

Reel handling forks