Product Overview

‘JAY’ provides ‘Goods cum Passenger Elevator’ series with a design of Hydraulic, Traction & Hoist types with capacity of 1000 | 2000 | 3000 kgs. These can be used when goods with the passengers are to be lifted from/to height. Lift Cabin are flushed with floor levels with maximum precision for smooth handling. Elevator systems adhere to strict safety codes and standards and incorporate a wide variety of features designed to help reduce the chances of accidents and give passengers a quick, dependable ride.


GPE-10 M1 | GPE-20 M1 | GPE-30 M1

Goods Cum Passenger Elevator systems are available with wide variety of features like automatic door, Collapsible, Swing doors and many. It is also equipped with all safety features for better performance and maintenance free operations. .

Load Capacity 1000 - 3000 Kgs
Max. Lift Height As required
Type Hydraulic | Traction | Hoist type
Cabin size [WxD] As required
Doors Collapsible | Automatic | Swing
Power AC 3 Phase
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Providing maximum safety and performace.

  • Door Sensors
  • Door closing devices
  • ARD
  • Speed governor
  • Emergency alarm switches

Aesthetically Design Cabin

Advanced Control Panel

Wide range of Landing Operating Panel

Customized Cabin

Options and Accessories

Dual Speed operations

Automatic Doors

Automatic Loading/Unloading systems

Closed cabin structures